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Chi Dim Sum is Toronto`s new culinary addition that combines rich traditional Asian fusion cuisine and a modern outtake on small-portioned, shareable meals. Our wide variety of items offered was carefully developed and selected by our experienced and accomplished chefs and restaurateurs operating in Toronto for more than 30 years. With a passion for fresh ingredients, traditional cooking and authentic experiences, Chi makes the perfect recipe for an unforgettable dining.


Chi is dedicated on delivering only the freshest, most inspired and delicious Asian tapas in Toronto. From traditional hand-pulled noodles to healthy, steamed dumplings and hearty desserts, Chi`s dishes are sure to delight everyone. All of our dishes are made to be shared and enjoyed!


Paired with the right drinks, your experience at Chi can be elevated to a whole new level. All of our drinks were carefully selected to compliment our menu items and bring out their unique flavors and spices. The drink menu includes a selection of traditional and modern, Asian-inspired cocktails and martinis and a variety of wines.